Why Fibre Optic

Why Fibre Optic?

The installation of fibre optic cable is the main backbone link between equipment rooms and telecommunications closets, of all major fibre optic network solutions, campus network solutions, and where there is a need for large network data transfer within data storage centres. Fibre optic cable also is the main back bone link for Metropolitan Area Networks ( MAN), Local Area Networks (LAN),Wide Area Networks (WAN) or if there is a cable length issue with using copper cable solutions like Cat5 or Cat6 cabling systems.( maximum 90m copper cable installation).

The real benefits in using fibre optic cabling for the data industry are its ability to transfer data at high speeds over long distances and its immunity to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), plus the security aspect of using fibre optic cables in your network is that it is very difficult to tap into a fibre cable to read the data signals over your network.

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